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Online Ladder Safety Training for Employees

Ladders are a very handy tool, both at work and around the home.  They are used for tasks such as changing light bulbs and painting to working at high levels or to reach elevated work areas.

Workers who use ladders risk permanent injury or death from falls and electrocutions. These hazards can be eliminated or substantially reduced by following good safety practices. Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry and the misuse of ladders is one of the leading causes of fall-related injuries every year.

Many types of ladders and devices are used for working at various heights: Portable ladders, fixed ladders, step stools, combination ladders, shelf ladders.  While many of the safety rules and guidelines discussed in this training session would apply to these different types of devices, this course will focus mainly on portable ladders.

This online training course will help employers in providing the proper and necessary OSHA required training concerning ladder safety. This course will take you approximately 30 minute to complete and will cover the following topics:

  • Load Ratings
  • Types of Ladders
  • Selecting the Right Ladder
  • Safety Rules
  • Defective Ladders
  • Ladder Storage
  • Training Requirements

A printable certificate will be available upon successful completion of this online safety training course.  This certification can be used to verify training as required by OSHA.


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