Online Safety Training

Easy Training Management. Easy Administration.
See what online safety training can do for your company!

Online OSHA Safety Training exists to help you.

Our online workplace safety training courses help engage your employees towards safe working practices both at work and remotely. 

We’ve worked hard to make online OSHA safety training work easily for you in just three simple steps. 

Step 1:

Determine which topics and how many employees will need training for each topic and make your purchase.

Step 2:
Assign courses

Go to group registration under My Courses. You will assign each course to employees by using their name and email address.

Step 3:

The employee will receive an email when they are assigned by the trainer. After they complete the training, they will be issued a certificate. The trainer may check the status of employees at any time by logging in.

Why Choose Online Safety
Training Courses?

National Safety Compliance started by offering easy, affordable training programs on VHS cassettes (You remember those?) then moved to DVD’s and USB. As technology advances so does the ability to administer safety training efficiently and effortlessly. We are continually improving our products to meet current expectations and lead the industry in the charge for providing safe workplaces for your employees.


100% online safety training with simple navigation and 24 hour access is designed to meet your training needs

Admin Access

Allows admin access to your employees records anytime you have an internet connection

Large LIbrary

Our library contains over 50 titles in both English and Spanish with new titles added every year

Quality Content

Content is written by experienced safety experts to help your company comply with OSHA standards

Online OSHA Safety Training Pricing

Quantity Price (each)
1 – 9 $20.00
10 – 24 $17.00
25 – 49 $13.00
50 – 99 $11.00
100 – 499 $7.00
500 + $5.00

Our goal is to keep safety training as affordable as possible

In an effort to make online safety training as affordable as possible, we base our pricing on quantity of employees and number of training programs combined.

Pricing is per access. Access is when one student is assigned one course. For example, five employees are assigned four different courses equals 20 accesses

Train your entire organization

As a safety professional, you are committed to making sure your employees have the knowledge and resources to do their job safely. Training your entire organization doesn’t have to make your job harder. Our online safety training courses are easy to use for your workers, easy to administer for you and flexible enough to meet your training needs.  Our comprehensive system can help you manage who is trained on what topics and what grade they need to pass. Using our courses for general awareness you will have more time to plan your site-specific needs instead of spending time in classroom training.

Not sure if Online Safety Training is right for you?

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