Management Software

Maximize Productivity, Minimize Physical Proximity

What is Learning Management
Software (LMS)

Learning Management Systems are computer-based training courses that allow a business to provide virtual training to employees without the need for in-person classroom settings. Online LMS training requirements are flexible enough to keep your employees safe, away from a formal classroom setting, and learning at their own pace.

Training can be done in 3 easy steps:
  1. Choose the right training topics for your employee(s)
  2. Purchase and assign to each employees email address
  3. Ensure they earned their certificate
Why use LMS?
  • Online training can be extremely cost effective, efficient, and convenient. 
  • Cloud-based LMS allows you and your employees access anytime and anywhere, giving your organization the flexibility it needs. 
  • Because Online LMS systems are continually updated with the latest in OSHA regulations, you don’t have to worry about inconsistently taught courses or your internal training program going out of date.