Emergency Planning




With little or no warning an emergency or disaster can strike. OSHA defines a workplace emergency as a situation which threatens workers, customers, or the public: disrupts or shuts down operations; or causes physical or environmental damage. Employers and employees should be prepared to deal with such situations and plan how to respond. The best way is to prepare a response before an emergency occurs. Preparing before an emergency event occurs plays a vital role in ensuring employers and employees have the right equipment, know where to go when it happens and know how to keep safe. This training program provides vital guidance for companies to establish their own Emergency Action Plan (EAP), which serves as guidance for your staff to prepare and respond to emergency incidents quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Planning EAP Training Class Topic Overview:

  • What is an EAP?
  • How to develop and implement an Emergency Action Plan
  • Training staff and reviewing EAP
  • Evacuation elements
  • Fight or flee
  • Fire, rescue and medical services
  • Reporting emergencies
  • Medical surveillance

Course Outcomes:

After completing this training, your employees will be certified in understanding OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.35, 1910.38. They should exhibit understanding of the importance of an EAP and how to implement an Emergency Action Plan in the workplace.

Who should take this course? Members of management, supervisors, and safety professionals who will draft or implement safety plans in the workplace.

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